the house we selected

We looked at a lot of houses here in Four Seasons. The day we found the house we are in we looked at another house that was just strange in its layout, but we also looked at a house that had many features that we liked. It had a convection oven, it had a pet door, and it had a fireplace. But it didn’t speak to us. Perhaps it was in part that it was occupied, but we also didn’t really like the colors on the walls and the preciousness, if you will, of the molding throughout.

We have no fireplace, no convection oven, and we put our own dog door in the slider (well, my brother did, with a little help from me). But when we walked in we knew it was our home. It’s an intuitive thing for which there are no words. We experienced it when we looked at our house in Gilroy when it was new and unfinished. We experienced it here.

This is very much our home and we are delighted to have found it.

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