hitting hot buttons

You never know when you are going to hit someone’s hot button, or when they might hit yours.

Our Verizon Fios television service went wonky over the weekend and we weren’t able to resolve the problem with the agent by phone. They had to sent a technician out on Sunday, and he had to replace our set-top box.

There was a lot of down time waiting for the system to load and come up in the move from the old box to the new. We talked with the tech about a lot of things, including Star Trek, the reasons for our move, and how Terry and I got (back) together.

Then he asked about me and the draft.

That is a hot button if there ever was one.

I was nineteen the last year of the draft. I was absolutely vulnerable. I was in college, but student deferments had been done away with. In fact most deferments had for the most part been done away with.

I was at home the day of the draft lottery, as it was during semester break. The year was 1972. No Internet back then. I turned on the earliest television newscast available in the Los Angeles market. At that time Chanel 7, the ABC affiliate, had a 4:30 newscast. They rightly assumed that there would be considerable interest in all of the draft numbers. They showed a calendar for each month of the year with the corresponding draft lottery numbers for each day. I sat on pins and needles as they scrolled though the months until they got to August.

205. My draft lottery number was 205. Safe. Relief.

It still evokes a gut reaction in me today.

You never know when someone is going to hit one of your hot buttons.

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