which media market?

Hemet has been part of the Los Angeles media market since the earliest days of television. If you look at a map, you’ll see that Hemet is much closer to San Diego than to L.A. (If you doubt that, just make the two separate drives.) But Hemet is part of Riverside County, and Riverside, the largest city in the county and the county seat, is on the western edge of the county. Hence, it is very much in the greater Los Angeles orbit.

Before the days of cable, and before digital television signals, it was perfectly possible to point your television antenna south and get the San Diego stations. And the antenna didn’t need to be on a mast anywhere near as high as was necessary for the Los Angeles stations. But nobody did that. Everyone had a high mast and pointed west to get the L.A. stations. Well, everyone except our next door neighbors, and later us. And in those cases the San Diego antenna was a secondary one to the Los Angeles antenna, and was accessed via an A/B switch (remember those?). Our primary television was from Los Angeles.

When Hemet got cable in the 1970’s the stations were strictly from the Los Angeles market. That is unchanged today.

Geography accounts for a lot, but in this case other considerations held sway.

ADDENDUM: A high school classmate pointed out to me on Facebook that Hemet is equidistant from Los Angeles and San Diego, with Los Angeles being perhaps two miles further away, depending on the source you use. All I can say is that Los Angeles feels much further away due to the misery of the L.A. area freeways.

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