filtered water

We were spoiled in Gilroy with our reverse osmosis filtered water system. We had that both pre and post kitchen remodel. We had a tap on the sink that gave us pure, clear filtered water whenever we wanted it.

Here in Hemet we don’t have that. We bought a Brita system which involves pouring tap water into a pitcher with a filter. It’s not as convenient, but it works. The water it produces is quite tasty, even if the ice cubes it makes are not the pure, clear crystalline ice cubes we got from our reverse osmosis system.

But there is an ugly secret that is not much discussed when it comes to reverse osmosis systems. For every gallon of water you consume a gallon of water is thrown away. Not good right now in the Western United States. We had briefly thought about having a reverse osmosis system installed, but aside from cost that fact alone dissuaded us in these days of drought.

We can live with filling up our Brita pitcher.

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