a different Saturday routine

Terry and I long had a standard Saturday morning routine. We slept late and fixed a big breakfast. It normally included scrambled eggs and sausage. Sometimes we would have waffles instead. For the past couple of years we got our sausage from Rocca’s Market and I squeezed fresh orange juice (thank you Tahoe Mom!). We listened to West Coast Live via the live KALW stream.

But we’ve moved, and new shows on WCL have become so sporadic it’s hard for me to give the show much respect any longer. And in any case, things are done differently down here.

My brother Brian and sister-in-law Bobbie, my dad, our nephew Eric and his daughter Teaghan have long gotten together for a late breakfast, brunch really, on Saturdays. We are now part of that routine.

It works like this: once Brian and Bobbie are up and moving about they make a decision as to where we’re going to meet for breakfast. They then let everyone know. They have a rotation of locally owned restaurants, at which they are well-known and valued customers, from which they select. The decision is always last-minute and we never know which place they will choose. We generally meet some time between 10:00 and 11:00.

It is a very different routine for us, but it is a lot of fun sharing a meal and conversation with family.

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