an unexpected conversation

I don’t normally make my Scotch buying habits a topic of conversation. In Gilroy it was probably limited to the fact that I had recently been buying my Scotch at Costco, but that when Costco stopped carrying J&B I went back to buying it at BevMo.

Somehow it became an extensive conversation at breakfast/lunch with the family on Friday. It revolved around the fact J&B has become harder to find and when it can be found in Hemet it is expensive. The solution is to go to BevMo which is either 30 minutes south or 25 minutes east of the Four Seasons community.

But then it also became a discussion about brands of Scotch (and other) whiskey. What was interesting was that the conversation was with my nephew Eric. I forget that he is not the youngster that he once was, but is an adult in his thirties. While he prefers Jameson, which is Irish whiskey, I stick to Scotch. And I’m very partial to J&B. When we first moved in I bought a small bottle of Dewar’s at a local liquor store. It is actually more expensive than J&B, but I like it less. I find it has a smoky taste, with which Eric agrees. (Remember the full-page “Dewar’s Profile” ads in magazines like Harper’s and The Atlantic in the 1970’s?) I bought a bottle of Cutty Sark at the grocery store, which is a somewhat passable substitute for J&B, but it also is not J&B.

So I drive to BevMo and have conversations about Scotch with my nephew.

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