how to approach the Bible

My rector is brilliant.

The Old Testament lectionary a week ago Sunday had some troubling language from the book of 1 Samuel: “The next day an evil spirit from God rushed upon Saul…”

In her sermon she asked if anyone had a favorite recipe from their grandmother. She turned to a pair of sisters who had raised their hands and asked what their favorite recipe was from their grandmother. They responded that it was salmon patties. Pastor Kathleen said, “I bet the recipe contains bread crumbs, right?” The sisters said that it did. Pastor Kathleen said, “Now if you go to the store and buy a box breadcrumbs then take it home and start eating the breadcrumbs straight out of the box, that’s not the same as eating a salmon patty, is it?”

That, she said, is what it’s like to base your understanding of the Bible on a single verse. People do it, she told us, but it doesn’t work.

As I said, brilliant.

2 Comments on “how to approach the Bible”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Yes, brilliant. Love the analogy. Really have enjoyed your last few blogs, just haven’t commented. I also like the Grandmother corner. Proud of the Episcopal Church and the election of your new Presiding Bishop – sorry if that’s not exactly the correct title. You know who I mean. I knew you would like that we are having rain in Tahoe. Have a fun 4th!

    • Thank you, Tahoe Mom! I do appreciate that you stop by on a regular basis and I value your comments. And you do have the title exactly right. It is presiding bishop. You have a great 4th as well!

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