home improvements

BathtubShadeWhen we first moved into our new home we realized that we needed a shade for the large decorative window behind the big bathtub in the master bath. It faces west and a lot of light and heat come streaming in during the afternoon. We went to a local draperies store in GrandmaCornerearly June and ordered a duet honeycomb shade. It was installed last Wednesday. The difference it makes is huge. I have no idea how the previous residents decided they didn’t need one.

On Friday we completed our Grandma Corner in the front entry. Terry envisioned this when we first moved in. Friday after lunch we went looking and found an antique (well, OK, used) table to replace the folding table that was there temporarily. The pitcher and bowl belonged to Terry’s granny. My Grandma Monaghan made the needlepoint for us as a wedding present.

We’re pleased with what we’re doing with our home.

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