a quiet 4th of July

There are advantages to living in a gated 55+ community.

Tasha doesn’t realize the favor we did her by moving here. She doesn’t look at the calendar and note that Independence Day is coming up. Terry and I do, however, and we appreciated the difference.

TashaHemetIn Gilroy, one of a small handful of cities in the state that allow so-called “safe and sane” fireworks, the pops and the bangs begin around July 1st. The safe and sane don’t make loud noises, as our Gilroy hairstylist, who spent many a July 1st to 4th staffing one of those safe and sane booths on behalf of her two cheerleader daughters, pointed out. The issue is, as I have talked, written, and complained about ad nauseam, is that the safe-sane stuff is used as a cover for the illegal stuff, which fireworks aficionados really prefer. Which means lots of pops and bangs from July 1st through July 6th and beyond. The fourth itself was a nightmare and tranquilizers from the vet had only a marginal effect on Tasha.

But we are here in Four Seasons Hemet, and it was a quiet Fourth. Terry head a few pops as we were sitting outside, and Tasha may have too, as she went inside. She was just chilling, though, not panting and shivering and trying to find a confined corner.

When we went inside, Tasha was on the floor rather than on the bed with us, but overall she was happy and doing well for much of the evening. Later on she did get a little upset. I think she heard the fireworks from a sanctioned, legal show a few miles away. But it wasn’t anything that a half of a tranquilizer tab wrapped in roast beef couldn’t handle.

It was, by a wide margin, the quietest Independence Day we have had in eighteen years. We are grateful.

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