Create TV

With the advent of the digital broadcast signal and the requirement for TV stations to give up their analog frequencies, television stations were able to add additional, secondary stations in addition to their primary channel. Those stations are always available if you get the over-the-air signal, but cable system policies vary. Our Charter cable system in Gilroy did not offer any of those channels.

createHere in Hemet, however, Verizon Fios does offer many of those secondary channels. Public television has a service called Create TV, which appears via two different PBS stations in Southern California, and we get them both through Fios. They bill themselves “The premier TV channel for how-to programming.” And yes, they show cooking programs. I’m getting hooked.

It’s not like I don’t have enough cooking programs with Food Network and The Cooking Channel, but the PBS style is a little different. And I’m getting to watch Sara Moulton and Ming Tsai again, whom I haven’t been able to see in quite some time.

Yes, I have my cooking shows. But Terry has her fantasy/adventure/action/science fiction programs.

It all works out.

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