remembering a trusted advisor

I was saddened to learn of the death of Pitzer College Professor Emeritus Allen Greenberger.

allen_greenberger-1977Mr. Greenberger was my freshman advisor at Pitzer and made a confusing and sometimes frustrating time a little easier. I kept him as my advisor my sophomore year when I really should have switched to my advisor for my concentration (that’s what we called majors at Pitzer in those days). Even after that I continued to seek him out when I needed advice or solace.

We managed to stay in touch through the years. In particular I had corresponded with Professor Greenberger every year during the holidays for the past several years. The notice of his death released by Pitzer stated that he had had aggressive prostate cancer for four years and myelodysplastic syndrome for a year. Yet in his faithful responses to my annual holiday card he never let on that he was ill, so this came as a complete surprise.

I deeply value the fact that he continued to show an interest in my life and activities nearly forty years after my graduation. I will miss him terribly.

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