taking care of Tasha

We had Tasha at the vet recently for her heartworm test. The vet was impressed with her health and level of energy. Given that she is eleven years old they did a canine geriatric blood work panel. Who knew there was such a thing.

TashaHemetThe results came back showing that her thyroid was under active and the vet wanted to put her on medication. At first I wanted to question the necessity for that, but I quickly came to the conclusion that if that is what the blood work showed we need to take care of it.

Still, I was not pleased about having to give Tasha a pill. I remember when we had to give my cat Clea a thyroid pill it was a huge chore. No matter how carefully we coated it and buried it in her food she would find it and spit it out. It was very frustrating.

Tasha, however, is a different animal altogether, both literally and figuratively. She loves her food and plows right through it. She doesn’t notice the pill at all whether it is in her canned food in the morning or in her Pup-Peroni® treat in the evening.

That was a relief to discover. We want to keep our child healthy and it is so much easier when she cooperates in the process.

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