evening music

Terry and I enjoy listening to music from our local stations in the evening. We use our wireless speakers with the transmitter attached to my Internet radio. While we’re sitting out in the back yard or in the bedroom we like listening to the San Diego jazz station six nights a week and the NPR classical service via the San Diego digital classical feed on Sunday evenings.

InternetRadioProblem is the output from my Internet radio is a little weak and we’re a little too far away from the transmitter, and the signal tends to pop and scratch. I had connected a transmitter to the cable box in the bedroom so for a while we listened to the Music Choice jazz and classical stations. Problem was that I didn’t much like the programming on the jazz station.

Then I had one of those “Wow! I could have had a V-8” moments.

There is no requirement that I use my Internet radio for this purpose. I have a transmitter connected to the speaker on my computer. I can stream the stations on my computer where I can adjust the level of the output, unlike the RCA jacks on my Internet radio.


Problem solved.

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