getting things together

chinacabinetOur cabinet maker arrived on Monday of last week and installed our new china cabinet. Terry and I wasted no time bringing in our wine glasses and china from boxes in the garage. We also brought in our stainless steel bowls and a number kitchen tools for which we previously didn’t have room. The cabinet that held our limited number of wine glasses was freed up for our juice and rocks  glasses. While we still have a few juice and rocks glasses as well as wine glasses in boxes in the garage we now have everything that we need for pretty much any occasion or function inside the house.utensils

On Thursday I decided that the pots and pans needed some rearranging. We did not do a very good job of organizing them when we moved in. All of our Calphalon and cast iron pans are now in one place, as are all of our baking dishes. I also decided that we really did have room for both of our utensil canisters and the arrangement on the counter around the stove is now much more functional, with the canisters and trivets on the right and the KitchenAid and FoodSaver on the left.


Friday morning I brought in a lot of additional kitchen tools, dishes, and containers for which we now had room. And as long as the momentum was going, I emptied out several additional boxes that we had to date managed to let sit in the garage.

On Friday afternoon we picked up an additional shelf from our cabinet maker, so now we can display the glass and gold figurines we had given my Grandma Monaghan over a period of years. We love having those to remember her by.

It was quite the delightful week for getting things together.

My only question: What in the hell happened to my good Chicago Metallic pizza pan?


One Comment on “getting things together”

  1. Lithus finally has the kitchen here set up the way he likes it, too. There’s something about the kitchen that requires some living-in-it before one really figures out the flow and where everything should be. (And for us, it’s our cutlery tray and the good colander…Where the hell???)

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