so here we are

Terry and I bought our tickets last week for yesterday evening’s Greg Douglass Band concert here at Four Seasons. They were billed as classic rock, so we thought we would enjoy it. On Saturday we bought two lawn chairs at Target, since the plan was that this would be only the first of many concerts on the plaza.

The lawn chairs were already loaded in Terry’s Jeep Compass, and we drove over to the lodge. We found a comfortable spot to set up our chairs and went inside to get the Mexican buffet. We filled our plates and took them back to our chairs. The food was quite tasty and the temperature was cooling off quickly. There were a lot of folks there chatting and sipping their beer and wine.

The band was good, and people were out on the patio dancing from the start. It was rather disorienting to see older folk out there dancing to sixties rock. But then Terry and I are older folk as well. Otherwise we wouldn’t be allowed to live here.

Lodge1All was well until one gentlemen who was dancing fell. He was quickly surrounded by people who came to his aid. The band played on for a while until someone took the initiative to tell them to stop.

He was clearly surrounded by people who knew what to do. They made sure to get his feet up on a chair while he was lying on his back. They brought ice for his head. They told him to hold up three fingers, which he did. Eventually he was able to sit in a chair.

I was glad that there was such skill surrounding him, but I was wondering why no one had called the paramedics. It turns out they had. It’s just that we’re a few miles away from the nearest fire station. The fire department paramedic truck arrived as did an ambulance. They wasted no time in attending to him.

I told Terry that we probably should head home. I didn’t want to watch all the paramedic activity. I have a weak stomach when it comes to such things. It is good that we did. After Terry finished at the pool this morning she spoke to Brenda at the front desk. It turns out that he had fainted, but while the paramedics were there he had a heart attack.

So here we are. We made a conscious choice to live in a 55+ community and we really do like it here. We love being in a gated community and we love all the amenities like the bistro and fitness center. But sometimes reality rears its ugly head. As a woman said to Terry yesterday evening, it’s the nature of where we live.

Still, let’s hope that the jazz duo concert in August goes on without incident.

Jesus at home?

The Forward Day-by-Day meditation for last Tuesday was about the story of the paralyzed man being let down through the roof of the house in front of Jesus as related in Mark 2:1-12. In particular, the writer of the meditation focused on Mark 2:1: “When he returned to Capernaum after some days, it was reported that he was at home.”

Wait! What? Jesus at home? How had I never noticed that before?

In a way I guess it’s not surprising. The Revised Common lectionary assigns this passage to Epiphany 7 in Year B. Unless Easter is on the late side we don’t get as far as Epiphany 7 in many years. This year (which happens to be Year B) we only got as far as Epiphany 5 before moving on to the The Last Sunday after Epiphany and the story of the Transfiguration.

Nor would it help to encounter this story as part of the lectionary cycle in Matthew or Luke. Matthew simply says that Jesus “came to his own town.” Luke doesn’t say where Jesus was when this happened.

Given the three-year cycle, one could go quite a few years before the reference to Jesus at home came up in a Sunday sermon.

I am guessing that this is probably the only reference to Jesus being at home in the gospels, at least for Jesus during his ministry, putting aside the infancy and youth narratives in Matthew and Luke.

I’m still thinking about what to make of the idea of the itinerant Jesus at home.

getting things together

chinacabinetOur cabinet maker arrived on Monday of last week and installed our new china cabinet. Terry and I wasted no time bringing in our wine glasses and china from boxes in the garage. We also brought in our stainless steel bowls and a number kitchen tools for which we previously didn’t have room. The cabinet that held our limited number of wine glasses was freed up for our juice and rocks  glasses. While we still have a few juice and rocks glasses as well as wine glasses in boxes in the garage we now have everything that we need for pretty much any occasion or function inside the house.utensils

On Thursday I decided that the pots and pans needed some rearranging. We did not do a very good job of organizing them when we moved in. All of our Calphalon and cast iron pans are now in one place, as are all of our baking dishes. I also decided that we really did have room for both of our utensil canisters and the arrangement on the counter around the stove is now much more functional, with the canisters and trivets on the right and the KitchenAid and FoodSaver on the left.


Friday morning I brought in a lot of additional kitchen tools, dishes, and containers for which we now had room. And as long as the momentum was going, I emptied out several additional boxes that we had to date managed to let sit in the garage.

On Friday afternoon we picked up an additional shelf from our cabinet maker, so now we can display the glass and gold figurines we had given my Grandma Monaghan over a period of years. We love having those to remember her by.

It was quite the delightful week for getting things together.

My only question: What in the hell happened to my good Chicago Metallic pizza pan?


Sacred Music Friday: Shine, Jesus Shine

Shine, Jesus Shine, the Big Sing at Royal Albert Hall, London, 30 December 2012

evening music

Terry and I enjoy listening to music from our local stations in the evening. We use our wireless speakers with the transmitter attached to my Internet radio. While we’re sitting out in the back yard or in the bedroom we like listening to the San Diego jazz station six nights a week and the NPR classical service via the San Diego digital classical feed on Sunday evenings.

InternetRadioProblem is the output from my Internet radio is a little weak and we’re a little too far away from the transmitter, and the signal tends to pop and scratch. I had connected a transmitter to the cable box in the bedroom so for a while we listened to the Music Choice jazz and classical stations. Problem was that I didn’t much like the programming on the jazz station.

Then I had one of those “Wow! I could have had a V-8” moments.

There is no requirement that I use my Internet radio for this purpose. I have a transmitter connected to the speaker on my computer. I can stream the stations on my computer where I can adjust the level of the output, unlike the RCA jacks on my Internet radio.


Problem solved.

our new Library

Terry and I got our Hemet library cards recently. Terry immediately checked to see how long the waiting list was for the latest Outlander DVD. As soon as we got home I checked out the online resources.

Not the same as the Santa Clara County Library system. No Encyclopedia Britannica. No Oxford English dictionary. But then our single-city local library doesn’t have the resources of a library system that serves eight cities.

The e-book selection is somewhat limited, but the library does offer Zinio digital magazines. That means I can read the New Yorker, Columbia Journalism Review, and many other magazine without paying for a subscription. And the service integrates with my existing Zinio account.

It’ll do.

taking care of Tasha

We had Tasha at the vet recently for her heartworm test. The vet was impressed with her health and level of energy. Given that she is eleven years old they did a canine geriatric blood work panel. Who knew there was such a thing.

TashaHemetThe results came back showing that her thyroid was under active and the vet wanted to put her on medication. At first I wanted to question the necessity for that, but I quickly came to the conclusion that if that is what the blood work showed we need to take care of it.

Still, I was not pleased about having to give Tasha a pill. I remember when we had to give my cat Clea a thyroid pill it was a huge chore. No matter how carefully we coated it and buried it in her food she would find it and spit it out. It was very frustrating.

Tasha, however, is a different animal altogether, both literally and figuratively. She loves her food and plows right through it. She doesn’t notice the pill at all whether it is in her canned food in the morning or in her Pup-Peroni® treat in the evening.

That was a relief to discover. We want to keep our child healthy and it is so much easier when she cooperates in the process.