domain debacle

The email and Web hosting provider I have had since May of 2000 sent me an email on Tuesday of last week saying that my cost for hosting was going from $10 a month to $200 a month ($199.90, actually) effective this past Saturday August 1st. Yes, really. Actually they had sent it on Monday, but it ended up in my spam filter.

They used to be locally (Silicon Valley) owned, but they sold themselves to a much larger company a while back. They claim that they had sent previous emails, which I never received. This is not the first time that they haven’t gotten important emails to me. How my own email hosting provider can’t manage to get their own emails to me, I have no idea.

I scrambled on Tuesday to find a new hosting provider, which I did. I selected godaddy. Their rates were low and they’ve been in the hosting business for quite some time.

But I had to go to Network Solutions, the company which administers my domain, to update the DNS (domain name server) address to point to godaddy. I first registered my domain in 1996 when the government agency InterNIC was the sole registrar of domain names. Network Solutions is the direct lineal descendant of InterNIC, but the landscape has changed greatly since then. These days Network Solutions also provides Web and email hosting but and godaddy is a big registrar of domains. I could have transferred my domain to godaddy, but it is paid for at Network Solutions until January 2018. And I could have selected Network solutions for hosting, but they are more expensive than godaddy.

DNSSo there I was. I updated my DNS information incorrectly on Tuesday afternoon and redid it correctly (I believe) Wednesday afternoon. But for some reason the update was still not propagating across the Internet. I called godaddy again on Saturday and they gave me a new DNS address. I made that change at Network Solutions. As of this morning: still nothing.

At that point I gave up.

I spent the morning updating all of my accounts and contacts to my email address, which I had set up last summer for my job search. It’s a clear, straightforward email address from a reliable (if often disliked) provider.

Next steps: transfer my domain to Google Domains and call godaddy to cancel and insist on a refund.

(Oh, and why did I decide to upgrade to Windows 10 in the same week?)

In the words of Linda Ellerbee:

And so it goes.

P.S. If you want to email me comment here and I’ll reply privately with my new email address.

One Comment on “domain debacle”

  1. Emmy says:

    Not very good customer service (sigh).

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