relics from the past

I  had a bunch of stuff from my previous lifetime stored in the garage in Gilroy. All of it made it down here to Hemet.

I had pictures of Terry and Debbie, who are the children of my first wife, Ruth, when they were young. I had Ruth’s certificates and diplomas. I had programs and yarmulkes from Terry’s bar mitzvah and a program from Debbie’s bat mitzvah. There was a challah loaf cover for Shabbat, Shabbat candle holders, and a Shabbat veil.  There was a Chanukah menorah and souvenirs from Israel.

As it happens both Terry and Debbie are here in Southern California. Debbie is in San Diego and Terry is in Los Angeles. We all met in a Google Hangout video conference and I showed them what I had. While Debbie was interested in what I had, she really had no attachment to it. Terry, on the other hand, was interested in acquiring all those relics from the past. I was happy to pack everything up and ship it all to him.

I hope he is finding those things useful in sharing with his family where he came from.

One Comment on “relics from the past”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    It is always nice when someone in the next generation is glad to have the family heirlooms. My daughter was just sent an entire set of silver that belonged to a cousin’s mother – although they are not blood kin. None of the cousin’s children wanted it. My daughter was pleased to have it – all the more so because it had belonged to the mother. “Hand-me-downs” can be very special.

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