first impressions

More specifically, first impressions of Episcopal churches.

I was talking to my spiritual director about this some months back.

EpiscopalShieldWhen I walked into St. Timothy’s in Mountain View in 1996, I was not especially comfortable. When I walked into St. Bede’s in Menlo Park, I thought “this is a nice place. But not exactly right for me.”  When I walked into All Saints’ Palo Alto I knew it was home.

After moving to Gilroy, I visited St. Stephen’s Gilroy and knew it wasn’t right for me. After commuting to Palo Alto on Sunday mornings for a year, when I realized that I couldn’t do that anymore, I visited St. Stephen’s in-the-Field in South San Jose. I sensed the spirituality of the environment at once, and while not really home, it was a good place to be for a year.

After my ten-year sojourn into the Lutheran Church, I visited St. John the Divine in Morgan Hill and knew it was a safe, comfortable place to be. When we moved to Hemet I immediately visited Good Shepherd Episcopal. I knew at once that I wanted this to be my spiritual home. The beauty of how the liturgy is done washed over me.

Each church is unique.

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