Windows 10 (and a domain debacle update)

Last week, in the midst of my Web domain travails, and hence in a moment of insanity, I accepted Microsoft’s invitation to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

It actually went relatively well. There were some annoyances, however.

  • The default Web browser is something new called Microsoft Edge. I don’t like it very much and Norton warns that it can’t protect Edge. Microsoft Explorer is still available, but I had to use search to find it.
  • When I try to do double-sided printing I get a warning that the device is not installed and the document will be printed single-sided. In fact, my trusty, ancient printer still prints double-sided just fine, but the warning is annoying.
  • PureText, a tool that I use constantly which pastes formatted text as plain text stopped working. But an update to a version made for Windows 8 fixed that.
  • Windows 10 didn’t recognize my Nikon camera, but I discovered that it’s really easier just to insert the SD card directly into the computer, rather than messing with connecting a USB cable both to my camera and to my computer.
  • Then there were some strange permissions issues with folders under Pictures and the iCloud Photos application would sometimes use up all the CPU capacity, which may or may not be related to the permissions issue.

Overall, however, I think that on my desktop computer Windows 10 does run faster. That’s a Good Thing.

Domain Debacle Update

For those of you who are interested, here’s an update on my domain woes.

DNS2As I mentioned, I had planned to move everything to Google, both hosting and registration. When I called Network Solutions to get a transfer authorization code, the agent tried to talk me out of it, as is his job. I knew that there were at least two reasons to stay with Network Solutions. First, I would have a much broader range of services and capabilities there as opposed to Google. Second, and more important, when (if) I sell the domain, the transaction would be much easier from within Network Solutions than from within Google. The agent offered me a very good price for Web and email hosting for a year. So I agreed to the package.

However, I could not get the name server to update so my email and Web site would work via Network Solutions. To make a long story short, it took from Tuesday to Friday to get this resolved, including multiple contacts with Network Solutions support. On Friday I was fortunate enough to get an agent who knew a nifty little trick. He first changed the name server to Yahoo and then to Network Solutions. It seems that the evil name server at godaddy was trying to hang on to my domain when I or a Network Solutions support agent tried to change the name server to Network Solutions, but it didn’t object when the smart, crafty agent changed it to Yahoo. So in the end I’m happy for the time being with Network Solutions. And godaddy was very pleasant and gracious about closing my account and refunding my money.

So now all is well and working. Of course this is after I’ve moved all my accounts and contacts to my email, but that’s fine. I think we’ll end up eventually selling the domain anyway.

2 Comments on “Windows 10 (and a domain debacle update)”

  1. I can’t get any of my pictures to stay open since updating to 10. Can’t find any advice about it on any of the forums, either. But who am I trying to kid? I still miss Win97. *sigh*

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