wok tips

I’ve had good success with my new flat-bottom stove-top wok. Terry has enjoyed the result of what I’ve done and it’s a different style of cooking from what I’ve done recently. I’ve been using dark meat chicken, rather than breasts, which I long used almost exclusively. That’s a nice change in the flavor.

wokThe packaging on my wok said that I should prepare all of the ingredients in advance and not try to prepare ingredients while cooking. That’s not just good advice, it is essential advice. The wok requires constant attention. I may leave the chicken alone to cook for a couple of minutes. That’s about enough time to clean the cutting board. Otherwise, everything needs to be chopped and ready. As one who tends to multitask when cooking, this is good discipline and good therapy for me.

The other thing the packaging said was to be aware of cooking times and add to ingredients appropriately. That’s obvious, I suppose, but it’s good to have it reinforced. I consciously think about cooking times, and add the ingredients that need the most cooking first.

One thing I’ve learned is that less is more. I’ve long had a habit of throwing too many vegetables into my stir fry, and we end up with wasted food. I’m learning that fewer ingredients are better. I’m learning to include the meat and then perhaps just three vegetables. That’s sufficient.

I love having added a new dimension to my cooking.

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