reading the Review

I started getting the New York Times Sunday Book Review by mail when I cancelled our home delivery of the Sunday Times. I did that when a former CEO of a former company I worked for cut everyone’s pay. It wasn’t so much to read the issue that came in the mail, as it was rather slow in showing up, but it was the cheapest way to get full online access to the Times.

For a long time I read the book review online, either on the Web or later on my iPad. When I started attending St. John the Divine in Morgan Hill I eventually began picking up the Sunday Times at the bookstore up there. So we had the full package, book review included.

When we moved here to Hemet the Sunday Los Angeles Times, supplemented by the Riverside Press-Enterprise, gave us plenty of Sunday paper. And I changed my philosophy on the book review. I thought the paper copy would be good Sunday evening reading. Yes, it is inconsistent as to when it shows up, and it often arrives three or more days after the cover date. But there’s really nothing time-sensitive there, and it represents a small subset of our previous full Times Sunday evening reading.

It works. A glass of wine and the Sunday Book Review with Terry nearby make for a pleasant Sunday evening.


2 Comments on “reading the Review”

  1. paloma mansfield says:

    Good leisure time., Mike. I am glad that you and your wife have a good life. How are your Dad and your brother?

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