You don’t realize how many different things you get from how many different senders until you move and have to do address changes. What is strange is when you get mail from businesses and entities whose services you can no longer avail yourself of.

For example:mail

  • Our vet in Gilroy. We had one last visit for Tasha before we moved, so they knew we were moving 400 miles away. But we still get cards for needed vaccinations and such sent to our new address.
  • Our regional grocery chain. They only have stores in the Bay Area and the Central Valley, but Terry still gets rewards coupons mailed to our new address.
  • The farmers market (formerly) up the road in Morgan Hill. We never even sent them an address change, but we got a card here in Hemet reminding us of the midsummer crops available.

One would think that a simple check of the new zip code, either electronic or with a pair of human eyes, could prevent such waste.

One Comment on “strangeness”

  1. Lee Montgomery says:

    I DID like getting the reminder from the vet as we hadn’t established with the new vet yet and I wasn’t sure when vaccinations were due. I agree with you on the others!

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