a Thanksgiving decision

Terry and I thought it would be a good idea to offer to host Thanksgiving this year.

Terry’s sister Julie would have a very small contingent for Thanksgiving this year, as her son race will be at sea in the Navy and her daughter-in-law will presumably have Thanksgiving with her parents. That would mean Julie would have only her friend Laura (who almost became Julie’s mother-in-law before her son’s untimely death), and her long-time buddy John, for Thanksgiving. We got the sense that she really didn’t want to do that.

Meanwhile, we knew that my sister-in-law Bobbie’s sister and her husband weren’t planning on coming down from Reno as they normally do at Thanksgiving. After breakfast on a recent Saturday I mentioned to Bobbie that we could possibly do Thanksgiving if they were interested. My brother Brian was involved in a conversation with our dad, so she turned to Brian and said, “Mike and Terry are doing Thanksgiving!” I said, “It was just a suggestion.” And Bobbie said, “Mike and Terry are doing Thanksgiving!” So I guess we’re committed.

It will be fun. It’s been a long time since we’ve done anything like that, but it’s an opportunity to share our new house which we enjoy so much.

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