homemade ice cream

It is almost (though not entirely) the case that if I only had Food Network and the Cooking Channel on my television I would be perfectly happy. Yet in spite of all the cooking shows I record and watch on my DVR, I rarely have the occasion to be hit by a wave of nostalgia. But that is exactly what happened as I watched a recent episode of Farmhouse Rules.

Host Nancy Fuller had a segment on homemade ice cream. The description mirrored exactly what I recall from those rare but memorable times we had homemade ice cream at a family gathering while I was growing up.

An adult makes the custard and puts it into the stainless steel container. Check.
They then put the container into the wooden barrel. Check.
In the space between the barrel and the stainless steel container they add ice and rock salt. Check.
They fasten the lid and handle into place. Check.
The kids take turn cranking until cranking becomes difficult and an adult declares the ice cream ready. Check.
The resulting ice cream is amazingly delicious. Check and double check.

I remember one relative having an electric ice cream maker. That was not nearly as much fun even if the ice cream tasted just as good.

Those are nostalgia thoughts. That and $3.25 will get you a personal grande decaf cappuccino, dry. That and a big smile.

2 Comments on “homemade ice cream”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    My Uncle Clarence’s homemade peach ice cream. All the checks just like yours. I was the youngest so I got to crank first because I could only turn it once or twice (I was really young) but I could eat the results with the best of them. 😀

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