haircuts north and south

When Terry and I were in Gilroy we shared the same hair stylist. Getting a haircut was a big deal. I would go in while Terry’s color was processing. Debbie would wash my hair, cut it, rinse it, and blow dry and give me my final style. It took probably 30 minutes and cost $35 plus tip.

Here at Four Seasons we have our own stylists. For me, Stephanie sprays water from a bottle on my hair, cuts it, gives it a final style, and we’re done. It takes maybe 15 minutes and costs $15 plus the tip. I think it looks just as good as it did when Debbie did it.

The only thing is that I have to remember to make an appointment. Debbie would have us scheduled out a couple of appointments in advance.

Still, the new way is simpler, easier, and cheaper.

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