moving from Internet Explorer to Firefox

When I upgraded to Windows 10 I was introduced to Microsoft’s new Web browser, Edge. I didn’t like it at all. Don’t ask me precisely why. I simply didn’t like the look and feel and behavior. Fortunately Internet Explorer (version 11) was still available, though I had to do a search to find it.

Internet Explorer (IE) has long been my default browser, though it certainly has its annoying behaviors. There is one annoyance that seems to have gotten worse with IE on Windows 10. When I open a site that loads a lot of different components, like CNN or Food Network, it often throws up a message that says, “Internet Explorer has  stopped working.” While it normally closes and reopens the tab fairly quickly, it is still incredibly annoying. This finally happened one too many times and I made Firefox my default browser.

For the most part Firefox behaves fairly well. And I have yet to experience the “stopped working” message with Firefox. I still tend to use IE for financial Web sites, though I know that is not rational. Firefox is every bit as secure as IE.

For now I am going to stick with Firefox for the most part.

One Comment on “moving from Internet Explorer to Firefox”

  1. Alison Morgan says:

    I use Chrome (usually in the Avast Sandbox) for finances and Firefox for most others — and I haven’t left Windows 7 for 10 — I disabled my laptop touchpad as it caused weird typos (not uncommon, I found) around the time I dumped IE altogether… To each his own.

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