weather geeks

weatherA Facebook friend recently referred to herself as a weather geek. I guess Terry and I qualify as well. At least we pay an inordinate amount attention to the weather given that a) we don’t have jobs or commutes that require us to be out in the weather and b) there’s nothing we can do about it.

We brought with us from Gilroy an outdoor sensor and two wireless weather stations that display temperature and humidity. One has always sat in my office and the other in the master bedroom. One of the stations gave out a while back, and though this particular model is no longer manufactured, I was able to find a replacement on eBay.

Now the one in the bedroom is not displaying the outside data. I ordered a new model from weathernewAmazon yesterday, and as if it knew of my actions, it started displaying the data again. But once again this afternoon it quit displaying, so I guess I did the Right Thing by ordering the new model. Thanks to Amazon Prime it should be here tomorrow.

The new set will be nice. In addition to temperature and humidity it displays the barometric pressure. And since they units use alkaline batteries rather than solar-powered rechargeable batteries, the display won’t blip out when the light is low. I looking forward to receiving the new set tomorrow.

Yep, we’re weather geeks.

One Comment on “weather geeks”

  1. I hadn’t even read the post yet, but seeing the title made me think “oooo! yes, me too!” Lithus and I love weather.

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