casual kitchen

You are no doubt tired of reading about how much I loved our remodeled kitchen in Gilroy. And indeed I loved, along with all the other aspects of the kitchen, our granite counter tops. Yet at the same time they were a pain.

Our granite counters were something like a tightly wound individual you felt you had to tiptoe around. Or perhaps a high-maintenance lover. We couldn’t put anything hot on them. We couldn’t cut anything on them. And when I was employed and we had cleaning people show up every other week, I would clean the counters with granite cleaner on the morning of their scheduled day so they didn’t use anything harmful or abrasive on them.

Here the situation is much different. We have synthetic tiles. They’re tough. I can put a hot pan or tray on them. I can cut a lemon on them. And all is fine.

Not as elegant, but much more relaxed.

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