it’s about Communion and the liturgy

There is a lot of complexity in returning to the town I left 41 years ago.

One might think that I would want to return to the Methodist church in which I grew up. Indeed I had that thought.

But while I am in many ways the same person who left Hemet 41 years ago, in others ways I am a different person. Certainly from a religious and spiritual perspective I am a different person.

waferI have moved through apostasy and secularism, to Unitarianism, and then New Thought (that being reflected in Unity and Religious Science), to a deep affection for and desire to be part of Judaism, back to Religious Science and training for and being licensed as a Religious Science practitioner. I then gave that all up, because I was burned out and it wasn’t working for me, and turned to the Episcopal liturgical path. I had a ten-year sojourn into the Lutheran version of the liturgical tradition, but returned to the Episcopal world when I found, thanks to my spiritual director, a healthy, stable Episcopal parish in south Santa Clara County.

So when we arrived in Hemet my first church visit was to the Episcopal parish, Church of the Good Shepherd.

It was the only church visit I needed to make. It offers what I need. It is the liturgy and the Communion which feed me.

And that is a Good Thing.

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