weather geeks: the new equipment

Our new weather stations arrived exactly when expected last week, and we’re very pleased with them. Our old weather stations only displayed the temperature and humidity, along with the time. The new ones display much more.

weatherLargeBoth, of course, display the temperature and humidity inside and out. Both also use the WWVB radio signal to keep the time accurate. The large station in my office (I’d prefer to say “study,” but that sounds pretentious) displays the barometric pressure and indicates the direction the pressure isweatherSmall heading. It also displays the phase of the moon. The small unit in the bedroom displays the high and low temperatures for the day, both inside and out.

I was hoping that we could keep the old units working as well, and put them in other rooms even though one of them was in the process of flaking out, but they both became totally discombobulated with the new transmitter.

That’s OK. We’re very pleased with our new stations.

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