my first YouTube video

I have finally done a YouTube video.

Several years ago I looked at the idea of doing a video blog to supplement my written blog. I decided against it. First, there were a fair number of wackos out there recording YouTube videos and I did not want to be like them or be associated with them. In particular I think of a fellow who went on about how the Large Hadron Collider was going to punch a hole in the Van Allen Belt and allow Satan and his minions to return to earth. Please! Keep me away.

More importantly, as I thought about undertaking such a project, I realized that my medium is the written word. I am not a video commentator. I write. And what I write is intended to be read, not heard.

However, I am out there seeking employment, or at least contract work. One of the sites I am set up on is a platform for bringing contractors and clients together called upwork. They allow for, and in fact encourage, contractors to do a short video describing their background and skills. I’ve been on upwork for several months now, and decided that it was finally time to do that video.

It took me a number of takes to come up with something that I felt comfortable with, but I finally did. I’m not sure how many takes I did. I would say more than ten and less that fifty. Anyway, for what it’s worth, here is my first YouTube video.

2 Comments on “my first YouTube video”

  1. Hi, Mike!!!!! :):):) You sound exactly as I expected you would. :):):)

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