facing west, facing south

I had long planned a blog entry on the idea of facing west. My loft office faced west in Gilroy, and since for our last several years there I was a remote worker, I watched the changing of the seasons as the intensity of the sun waxed and waned and as the days grew longer and shorter. Somehow that blog never got written.

Here in Hemet my office is on the first floor, our only floor, and I have windows facing east and south. The sun has moved from coming in my east window in the morning to coming in the east and south windows. As the sun has moved south we have also had to move our remote temperature sensor for our weather stations. We initially put it on the back patio when we arrived here in May, but there were times of the day when the sun hit it directly and the reading was way off, so we moved it to the front porch. Now, as the sun moves south, I’ve moved it back to the back patio.

Interesting that in all of our years in Gilroy I never noticed the sun’s track south as summer turned to autumn. But it is so obvious to me here.

Last week we also officially acknowledged autumn and the sun’s move south in a different way. Ever since our arrival we would either have dinner on the patio and then sit out there and read the newspaper. Or we would have dinner inside and then sit on the patio and read the paper. But it’s now getting dark too early for that. Dinner inside, read the paper inside.

So the great world spins.

One Comment on “facing west, facing south”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    and getting up at 6 means getting up in the dark ~ and we still have almost 3 months until the solstice.

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