simplifying a recipe

I have made Ree Drummond’s Beef with Broccoli from her Food Network program Pioneer Woman a few times, and Terry and I have really liked it. It is, however, not the fifteen minute recipe she bills it as. It’s actually a fair amount of work.

So I tried something different recently. Instead of following all of the steps Ree sets out in the recipe, I put all of the flavor and seasoning ingredients except for one in a measuring cup. I cooked the beef in my stove-top wok, added the ingredients, the broccoli, and then added the final ingredient, fish sauce, which I substituted for the called-for oyster sauce.

Fifteen minutes. Done. And it was just as good as the original recipe.

I’m happy I tried it that way.

One Comment on “simplifying a recipe”

  1. I love when a shortcut works out! Thanks for the tip.

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