on being a grammarian

It’s not what you think.

Two weeks ago I visited the Toastmasters meeting in the next town up the road. The local Toastmasters only meets twice a month and it’s an evening meeting. This one is weekly at noon. Seemed like the better option for both of those reasons.

ToastmastersI returned last week and turned in my application to join. They were shorthanded last week, so I agreed to accept the roles of grammarian and ah counter. In the official international rules these are two different roles, but this chapter combines them.

It is exactly as you would expect. The grammarian notes errors in grammar and the ah counter tabulates ah’s and um’s.

Those slots were again open for this week, so I agreed to reprise the role on Thursday.

I almost didn’t go last Thursday, but as my former work colleague Kimberly said to me, “You’re not going to network and find job contacts sitting at home.”

She’s right, and this chapter is a good group where I can learn a lot about developing public speaking and leadership skills.

Something new, different, and good.

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