my slow cooker

I have had my slow cooker for a very long time. I can’t tell you exactly how long, but I had it when Terry and I got (back) together in 1991. If it didn’t come with me from Oklahoma in 1985, I must have purchased it shortly after crockpotarriving in the Bay Area. I am glad that it is still going strong, because today’s slow cookers are very different. For one thing, they cook much hotter. You know, food safety, lawyers, and product liability issues. (Which is why I was surprised when someone on my Yahoo kitchen appliances group said the electronic ones apparently switch off after a maximum of eight hours. Speak of food safety issues. Some people cook overnight in their slow cookers, as Terry does with oatmeal in the winter.)

The good folks over at the kitchn ran an article entitled 5 Signs It’s Time for You to Get a New Slow Cooker. They list:

  1. The cord is wrapped in fabric.
  2. The insert is attached to the base.
  3. There’s a big gap between lid and insert.
  4. It’s too big (or too small) for your needs.
  5. It’s not heating up properly.

I am happy to say that none of those things apply to my slow cooker. I’m delighted for it to just keep on going.

One Comment on “my slow cooker”

  1. Lee Montgomery says:

    I love all of mine too! I have them in several different sizes for different projects.

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