Google Maps

I’m pretty annoyed with Google Maps as a navigation aid. It makes things much more difficult than need be.

When Terry first went down to see her sister in El Cajon Google maps took her through the back roads, even though it can be gotten to via freeway pretty much all the way.

The same is true when we wanted to go to meetings in the next town up the road: Terry to Weight Watchers and me to Toastmasters. It wanted to take us through back roads when there’s a very straightforward route taking a four-lane highway to the freeway and getting off at the second exit.

Likewise, when we went to a pow-wow at the Indian casino, the navigation on Google maps on my iPhone took us out around Robin Hood’s barn. (Remember that saying?)

I think we’re better off finding the location on a map and figuring out our own navigation.

Just sayin’.

One Comment on “Google Maps”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    This probably means that the back road is about 3 minutes faster or a mile shorter than the freeway. I don’t understand and am grateful for Dean’s knowing the way he wants to go – Google then adjusts.

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