we hadn’t planned it that way

What we hadn’t planned that way was two vegetarian dinners in a row last week. It just worked out that way. And that was a Good Thing given the amount of meat we’ve been eating.

Tuesday I made Jeff Mauro’s Turbo Broccoli Cheddar Soup from our favorite Food Network show, The Kitchen.

On Monday we had visited our local Middle Eastern market, which we first learned about when an employee thrust a business card into our hands at the October Harvest Festival. I picked up a box of falafel mix, a package of pita bread, and a jar of tahini sauce.

Wednesday I made the falafel mix, and though I’m not big on fried foods, it turned out well. Terry loved it. And we have enough for two more meals.

It’s nice, sometimes, to venture beyond the familiar.

And it’s good to prepare a vegetarian meal periodically.

2 Comments on “we hadn’t planned it that way”

  1. We’ve ended up eating vegetarian a couple days per week. It’s a bit of a shock, but we’re loving it.

  2. Tahoe Mom says:

    We don’t plan it that way either. And mostly our vegetarian meals are just veggies. Dean likes veggies once in a while so we will roast a mixture or bake a large potato. We really don’t even think of it as going vegetarian.

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