I don’t remember growing older

…when did they?

Terry and I became a great uncle and aunt earlier this month. We were already, actually, because my nephew Eric’s daughter Teaghan was born in 2001. But on 9 November Race, son of Terry’s sister Julie, and his wife Brigida became the parents of Race II.

This is particularly significant to me because when Terry and I got (back) together in 1991, Race was an infant. I remember him being a baby in Julie’s arms as he ran his finger along my forearm. We watched Race grow up, even if we were a few hundred miles away and only saw him a few times a year.

I remember Race, when he was three or four, repeating what his mother had taught him in case he ever get lost. Stating loudly and carefully, one word at a time: first name – middle name – last name – address – city – state – zip code – phone number. We attended his high school graduation before he left for the Naval preparatory academy. And Terry attended his wedding while I stayed home in Gilroy to conserve funds due to my state of career transition.

And now they are two adults living their own lives and making their own decisions.

As is Eric. He was ten years old and had a terribly hard time seeing his mother take off on her honeymoon when she married my brother Brain. But here he is today, divorced, perhaps a bit cynical, but doing a marvelous job of raising Teaghan. If you can say that he is still raising her, as mature as she is.

Sunrise, Sunset.

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