living in the shadow of the mountain

I grew up in the shadow of Mt. San Jacinto. The landmark is embedded in my essence. I am MtSanJacinto2delighted that here at our new home I can see the mountain from my front yard. Most of the rotating pictures you see in this blog’s header are taken from that spot (the downtown Hemet photo being a notable exception).

When we decided to buy a house in Hemet, it was not a given that I would have that view from my front yard. In fact, our street is on an incline, and as I walk down the street the montain disappears from view.

My Great Aunt Miriam’s quote of the old Indian saying is at the top of this blog: “Once you’ve lived in the shadow of Mt. San Jacinto you are bound to return.” She had a greatMtSanJacinto3 fondness for the mountain. When she and my Uncle Johnny returned to Hemet from Northern California she was delighted to show me the view of Mt. San Jacinto that she had from the window of her breakfast nook.

The mountain was sacred to the Cahuilla Indians, and I am grateful be living once again in its shadow.


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