enjoying Toastmasters

I have really been enjoying the Toastmasters group up the road in Menifee. I have only missed one meeting since I started attending. That was the week before Thanksgiving when I had a nasty, unpleasant intestinal upset. I was really disappointed to miss the meeting.

I have done two speeches so far, the second of which was last week. I got some really good feedback on it, but failed to win best speaker, as one of the old pros also spoke that day. What is nice is that the evaluator, while kind, does not hesitate to point out what I could do better. That is, after all, why I am there.

The meeting is not without its frustrations. One member, who has attended only a couple more meetings than I have, just doesn’t get it. I can, perhaps, forgive her first speech, where she was all over the map, though she could have read the instructions more carefully. What is frustrating is that she made the same mistake in her second speech, which was also last week. After all, I’m an old-time Silicon Valley guy and tech writer, so I’m very familiar with the abbreviation RTFM (read the f—-ng manual).

Nonetheless, it’s a great group, I’m learning a lot, and I enjoy it.

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