domestic trivia

Some random domestic trivia:

  • I am a huge fan of full-spectrum, or daylight, light bulbs. This time of year they do a great job of staving off whatever mild symptoms similar to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or winter blues, that I have experienced in the past. We had them all over the house in Gilroy, and they were always easy to find at any home and garden store. Here in Hemet I only have them in my office, and they are hard to find. Earlier in the summer I could only find them at Stater Bros., our regional grocery chain. This month not even there. When one went out I bought what I thought was the equivalent, but the light was not that clear, bright, white color that I love. It was a dirtier yellow color. Thank goodness for Amazon. Yes, I know that I’m picky, but it does make all the difference to me when the days are short.
  • The smoke detector in our bedroom went off the other night when Terry was cooking. I didn’t think there was that much smoke at all, but apparently the detector did. What’s interesting is that our smoke detectors here are not interconnected in the same way that they were in Gilroy. There, when one went off they all went off. Not so here. Perhaps it’s the difference between a two-story house and a one-story house. The nice thing is that I don’t have to remove the detector from its ceiling fixture when changing the battery. I just have to slide out a little drawer. I wish I had realized that when I did Terry’s office, but at least I had that knowledge when doing the other three.
  • I got in the shower the other day and started to put water on my hair when I realized that I was still wearing my hearing aid. Yikes! I have never leapt out of the shower so quickly. I immediately grabbed the hair dryer and turned it on. Fortunately, all was well. Whew!

And while I’m at it, here’s a bit of tech trivia:

I was in the market to buy some sugar-free vitamin C lozenges. Our local CVS had plenty of their house brands with sugar, but no Hall’s sugar-free. Rather than running all over town looking, I went online and checked As I was looking there a message popped up on my screen that said, “Hey, look over here! We have a much better price at Amazon!”

They did. And I bought them from Amazon.

I later figured out that this came from the Amazon Assistant, which is on my Firefox web browser’s toolbar. But still, that is rather spooky (and a little creepy and scary).

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