I was driving home from church on Sunday Christmas I, just a block and a half from home, when I looked down at my odometer and realized that I was exactly at 70,000 miles. I wanted to take a picture, so I kept saying, “don’t turn over, don’t turn over.” I pulled into the driveway and was happy to see all four zeros were still there, so I was able to get this picture.

Given that my car is a 2004 Corolla, and that I will have had it for twelve years in odometerMarch, I have definitely kept the miles down. Despite a couple of recalls, including that nasty airbag one, for which I had to take it in twice, I have been very pleased with my car. It has held up very well.

I did have a bit of a problem on a Friday before Christmas when it made a nasty noise and didn’t start. Since it made some kind of noise and didn’t just go “click, click, click,” I assumed it was something other than the battery. The fellow at the auto shop said it might be the starter.

When the auto club showed up, however, the driver said that these cars are “generally pretty bullet-proof,” and when he put the jumper cable on the car it started right up. Just the battery. How cool is that?

I am grateful for my reliable car.

One Comment on “reliable”

  1. Alison Morgan says:

    Glenn and I recently sold our 2005 Toyota Matrix (hatchback Corolla) at 238,000 miles. Other than the recall, it had all of its original parts (including clutch and transmission), only requiring the usual consumables like a battery or two, brakes and tires. We are religious about oil changes — usually at 5000 miles, but most miles are, in fact. freeway miles. So, I guess no new car for Michael until 2038…

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