found them!

Last fall I mourned the loss of my CD jazz collection. Turns out those CDs were here all along.

I had been putting off setting up my 2016 files in favor skills development and Toastmaster work. But on Friday I forced myself to archive my 2015 files and set up my 2016 files. As part of that I moved around some boxes in the garage. Most of our file boxes were in the niche intended for the golf cart we aren’t likely to get anytime soon. But there was a stack of file boxes on the other side of the garage that have been there pretty much since we got here. They were mostly labeled with years.

lostDCsAt the bottom of the stack was a box labeled 2005. When I started to move those boxes to the golf cart niche I realized that that box did not contain files at all. Which, if I’d realized it, made perfect sense. Anything that old, with the exception of tax returns, was shredded when the mobile shredder truck showed up in Gilroy. So a box marked 2005 must have contain something other than files.

It was into that 2005 box that I had put the bulk of my CD collection. But because I was too stressed or overwhelmed or frustrated, I did nothing to mark the box.

So it sat there all those months. But now all is inside. I have the vast majority of my instrumental jazz CDs. I have my female jazz vocalists: Wesla Whitfield, Susannah McCorkle, Carmen McRae, and Diane Schuur. I have my Dave Frishberg. In addition to jazz, I have my Holly Near, Neil Diamond, my sacred music, and my seventies pop collection.

I’m pleased.

2 Comments on “found them!”

  1. I’m so relieved for you!!!! Also, quite selfishly, maybe that means we’ll still find our cutlery.

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