As you likely know, Terry and I are big fans of The Kitchen on the Food Network. We enjoy the hints and tips offered as much as we do the recipes. Sometimes more.

spiral1On a recent episode early in the new year they demonstrated two vegetable spiral cutters, and showed how one can use the resulting spiralized vegetables in place of pasta for spaghetti. We both liked the idea. As it happened we had a rewards gift card available from one of our credit card accounts, and our practice is to use such cards for fun stuff spiral2rather than for everyday purchases. So I ordered a gift card from Bed Bath & Beyond.

When it arrived we headed over to our local store, and found a couple of gadgets that did just that sort of thing. We bought the one that appeared to be better made and brought it home. I had stir fry planned for that evening, and so rather than slicing the zucchini, I spiralized it. spiral3We were both delighted. I am not a big zucchini fan, but when you do stir fry you need veggies of some kind, and zucchini is as good of a choice as any. And cut so thin, the zucchini was very tasty. We both enjoyed it a lot.

Next we’ll try doing the spaghetti thing. We’re looking forward to it.

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