shopping for her family

I was in the grocery store the other day. I was not at our Southern California regional, union, privately owned chain. I was at our western states, non-union, employee-owned discount chain. I was in the produce section and I noticed a young Muslim women there with her young son, probably five or six years of age. We don’t have a large number of Muslims in Hemet, but we do have some. Enough to keep a small halal grocery store open here, something we didn’t have in Gilroy.


photo credit: Wikipedia

The woman was nicely dressed, wearing a hijab and jeans. She was carefully selecting produce. Glancing at her cart, I saw it contained a wide variety of produce, and at that point nothing else. She was obviously taking a great deal of care with respect to her family’s health and nutrition.

It occurred to me that most Muslims living in the United States just want what most people want. To be able to feed and care for their families.

Yes, there are “radicalized” Muslims. And there are radical whites who occupy government property in Oregon. But most of us just want to live and enjoy our lives.

That is worth remembering when we encounter people who are different from us. I’m trying hard to do so.


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