non-pasta spaghetti

Why is it so often true that when you do something for the first time it works out well, and then the spiralizersecond time you struggle? That was the case with my new vegetable spiralizer.

The first time I used it I spiralized zucchini for stir fry. Worked great. The second time I used it I had difficulty. There are a few reasons, I think. First, I need to be sure that the bottom of the vegetaspaghetti1ble where I place it on the base of the spiralizer needs to be flat. Second, I don’t think that I cleaned the cutting area as well as I should have after the first use. Third, I was using one of the julienne settings, rather than the spiralize setting. Seems that you need to use more pressure on the julienne settings. I switched to the spiralize setting on the last piece of carrot, and it seemed to go much more smoothly.

What did I make this time? Veggie spaghetti with zucchini and carrots instead of pasta. Desspaghetti2pite my struggles, the result was quite good. And, of course, the unrefined carbohydrates of the zucchini and carrots are much more healthy than the refined carbohydrates of pasta. Though the hot Italian sausage on top and the sourdough garlic bread on the side completely negated that effect.

Oh, well. It was a tasty dinner, and we confirmed that we really enjoy the taste of the vegetables cut super thin like that. I do think it was a good purchase, and I’ll simply stick to the spiralize setting from here on out.

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