I’m not a geezer, but…

…I certainly remember most of the items in the Facebook meme at the bottom of this post. Most of them are relics of the late fifties and early sixties.

  1. Cap Guns. Yeah, but sometimes it was more fun to hit caps on the sidewalk with a hammer.
  2. Home milk deliveries in glass bottles. Our milkman, Bill, walked straight into the house and put the milk in the refrigerator for us.
  3. TV test patterns in the early morning. I got up early on Saturdays and watched the test pattern before programming started for the day.
  4. Curb finders for your car. I depended on those in my 1965 Ford Galaxy.
  5. Stamp books and redemption centers. Green Stamps and Blue Chip stamps. We had to drive thirty or so miles to Riverside or San Bernardino for the redemption center.
  6. Phone booths. Of course.
  7. Aluminum ice cube trays with pull handles. We had those in our freezer.
  8. Subway tokens. Well, I knew about them from television. We didn’t have subways ninety miles east of Los Angeles in the fifties and sixties. Still don’t, except for the sandwich shop.
  9. Crazy Eddies. (Who, or what, is that?)
  10. Earl Scheib’s auto paint jobs. “I’ll paint any car any color for $29.95.”
  11. Mobile rides that came around the neighborhood. (Say what?)
  12. Free road maps at service stations. More convenient than going to the auto club.
  13. Seltzer bottles. I knew them from the Three Stooges, but not up close and personal. My family didn’t drink hard liquor. (Unlike moi, who enjoys his scotch.)
  14. Doctors who made house calls. I was the recipient of at least one.
  15. Cigarette vending machines. In restaurants.
  16. Flash cubes. I never owned a camera that used flash cubes, but I had relatives who did. They were nice because you could take four pictures before needing to change, unlike flash bulbs that you had to change every time.


5 Comments on “I’m not a geezer, but…”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Being older than you, all I can say is Oh Yeah. Except for the crazy Eddies – I don’t know that one either. The list brings back lots of memories.

    • Thanks, Tahoe Mom. It does bring back memories, doesn’t it? Do you know what they mean by “Mobile rides that came around the neighborhood”?

      • Tahoe Mom says:

        We have things similar today. Vans that go around and pick up folks who can’t drive and take them to the store or doctor’s or something. Not every neighborhood had bus service.

      • I hadn’t thought of that. We certainly have those kinds of services here, being in a gated 55+ community. I thought they were referring to some kind of traveling, neighborhood version of carnival rides.

  2. Alan Hyatt says:

    Your comment on cap guns made me remember what we used to do, 2 bolts and a nut, cap in nut and screw one bolt in each side, then throw up and hopefully it lands in a vertical manner causing the whole thing to explode. Now me being me, I found some 9 inch bolts and made a mega version but it would not go off so we threw it higher and higher until eventually it landed in my fathers greenhouse, shattering the roof glass in the process. I’m happy to report that it did go off, sadly destroying his prize tomato plant in the process. Ah well, creativity has a price.

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