how I learned to stop worrying and love the election cycle

It had been seeming very important to me that Hillary win the Democratic nomination, thinking that she had the best chance of beating whoever the Republican nominee might end up being. Turns out that’s not so. At least not on this day before Clinton & Sandersthe New Hampshire primary. A passing mention on CNN sent me over to my primary source for polls: Real Clear Politics.

Nationally, as of last Friday, both Clinton and Sanders had a lead over Trump, but Sanders held a larger lead. Clinton is tied with Cruz and trails Rubio. Sanders is ahead of Cruz and tied with Rubio.

Given that, my perspective right now: Let the primaries and conventions play themselves out, and then support like hell whoever the Democratic nominee turns out to be.

There is too much at stake here. If nothing else, two words: Supreme Court.

That’s the bottom line.

Photo Credit: Marc Nozell. Creative Commons license: Clinton, Sanders. Sanders image cropped.

One Comment on “how I learned to stop worrying and love the election cycle”

  1. Alison Morgan says:

    Glenn is a smartphone addict. There. I’ve said it. I had to laugh when he showed me a new meme about 15 minutes into the Republican mud-fest (oh, really, can’t call it a debate): Obama in a Supreme Court robe. As the Republican hopefuls were demonstrating their extreme refusal to find any way to compromise or find a working relationship with a Democratic president, all I could think of was a potential debate: what if the nominees are Trump vs Sanders? Yowza…

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