it’s best when you improvise (in the kitchen)

quoteLife is like jazz;
it’s best when you improvise.

—Cameron Smith, Smooth Jazz TV

No, I do not like smooth jazz. Give me straight-ahead jazz, please. You can talk to Terry about smooth jazz if you like. But I do love that tag line from the show.

The same thing applies in the kitchen. Some of my best efforts have been the result of improvising. I particularly enjoy improvising when I’m working with ingredients we have on hand.

Last week we half an uncooked chicken breast left over from Fettuccine Alfredo. We had provolone cheese left over from my pizza. And we had three slices of prosciutto left over from a dish that Terry made.

I figured I could work with that.

I cut the chicken breast into two pieces and seasoned it with the salt-free 33rd & Galena seasoning from my number one (and for the most part exclusive) spice monger, Penzeys. I cooked the chicken in the frying pan. I then turned off the heat, put a piece of provolone on each piece, and prosciutto on top of that. I put everything under the broiler.

Terry was delighted. I was happy with the result.

Another enjoyable result of improvisation.

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