what do you do with 1400 recipes?

I recently passed the 1400 recipe mark in my Living Cookbook recipe database. That sounds crazy, perhaps. However, if Terry sees a recipe that she is interested in, or if I see a recipe that I am interested in, and I haven’t saved it we may or may not be able to find it later on.

LivingCookbookI take this perspective. How many people who rely on the Joy of Cooking for their recipes have cooked more than a fraction of the recipes in the book? Now there was the blogger who wrote about her goal to cook her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, who became the subject of the movie Julie and Julia. But she must certainly  be the eccentric exception. I doubt that many people have prepared more than a small percentage of recipes in that two-volume set.

The point is that we have a wide range of recipes to choose from, and when we are looking for something new to try, my database will almost certainly offer us an idea that we can act on.

So I’m going to just keep on going.

One Comment on “what do you do with 1400 recipes?”

  1. I just clipped a recipe to add to the little stack in my kitchen cabinet: panzanella made with cornbread and avocado. It’s not a tall sack, but it has things I wouldn’t remember if it weren’t there.

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